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Sport shooters’ dream: Walther Q5 Match

With its 5-inch slide the PPQ M2 unmistakably showed that it was made for sport shooters, and it proved itself in many competitions. In addition to the longer sight radius it offered shooters excellent balance and trigger characteristics that were unequalled by any pistol in its class. Now the new large-caliber WALTHER Q5 Match goes a step further.

The big one: PPQ M2 now available as a .45 ACP in Europe

When it premiered last summer in the USA, Walther’s .45 ACP pistol not only delighted American customers, it generated widespread interest in Germany and neighboring EU countries. People started asking: When can we get the PPQ45 here?

WALTHER PPS now available in an M2 version

The handy, compact WALTHER PPS is coming out in 2016 in an improved version called the PPS M2. The frame and slide have been redesigned to fit with the current Q line. In addition, the magazine release lever in the trigger guard has been replaced by a button at the left of the frame, a feature especially preferred by international customers. This is indicated by the
manufacturer’s additional designation, M2. The frame now has a more ergonomic shape, and the grip circumference has been adapted to the most common hand sizes (see table on next page), eliminating the need for interchangeable backstrap inserts.

Walther PPQ

With the new PPQ pistol CARL WALTHER complements the product range by a further police pistol in the premium segment.
The PPQ is characterized by a very simple and safe handling. The trigger of the PPQ with a trigger pull of 25 N and a very short trigger travel meets the requirements of many special forces as well as large-caliber marksmen.

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