Dynamic shooting for children and teenagers from 6 years

for kids, teenagers and adults

Why use "Light shooting"

After the hopes of the German Shooting Association (DSB) for a lowering in the age limit
for shooting with air weapons were dashed with the introduction of the new weapon laws, it was
also decided at Röhm GmbH to follow an initiative of the umbrella association.
This led to the development of shooting sport devices, which are equipped with light technology, both in pistol, as well as in rifle form, which allows "shooting" at electronic targets. There is a wide range of system applications in the area of sports (biathlon, PR events, youth promotion, senior activities, blind shooting, etc.) as well as in leisure, hunting and official areas.



Effective youth work

  • ideal training solution for leisure time and sport

Variation empire shooting

  • Versatile shooting for kids, teenagers and adults

Product details Light Guns

  • Shooting with a safe beam of light (Laser class 1)
  • Shooter recognition (every weapon has its own
  • Adjustable number of shots (1–40 shots)
  • Adjustable simulated reload, pause, penalty time (1–180 s)
  • Adjustable permanent beam for adjustments
  • Extra weights can be inserted in compressed air cartridge (dummy)