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SystemFalling block single loader
Caliber.22 l.r.
Gripright M
TriggerSet trigger with dry fire mechanism
Trigger weight (g)10-100
Sight length (mm)330-440
Barrel length (mm)290
Dimensions (L/H/W mm)470/160/100
Weight (g)1120
PackagingPlastic gun case

The FP60 combines a refined ergonomic design with the tried and tested attributes of its predecessor, the popular FP10. The FP60 is a testament to experienced engineering and innovative design. High stability and exceptional handling allow for precision aiming and controlled shooting. The centre of gravity can be fine-tuned using additional weights and stabilizers to suit the posture and personal preferences of the shooter.

· Equipped with weights and individually adjustable stabilizers
· Falling block makes it comfortable to open
· Sights can be altered laterally and in height and length by hand
· Rear sight notch adjustable in height and depth
· Integral front sight in three widths
· Grip adjustable
· Comes with a plastic case with cleaning kit

Item-No.: 2823021